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The Shattered Oracle - I - In the Refuge of the Azhemyra - Page 3


In the Refuge of the Azhemyra

- Page Three -

Thraya's mother gave a warming chuckle at her husband's words. She held her eyes on him, again saying something that words couldn't properly express. Although they both came from very different life choices and from different castes, they had always loved one another and took great pride in their family.

"I'm not going to Morrthault and joining the Authrak to spite you, mother."

The words crept out like dry and crackling leaves from Thraya's throat. She gave a hard swallow and a deep breath. She felt Serranos stop his sobbing for a moment and then his arm lifted up to hug her under her ribs.

"I know, Thraya. I don't expect you to follow in my footsteps and join the Sharr-vhult. You must choose your own path. I am thankful that you're going with Serranos to Morrthault City upon both of your graduations. He will need help and guidance when he starts his training with the Guardians."

Serranos stopped his sobbing and pulled away from his sister. He shuffled back into his chair and then looked up at Thraya skeptically through the corner of his glasses. He seemed to be more resolved now. With a few wipes of his face on his sleeves, he had gotten his composure back.

"If you must go. I want you home before we leave. I won't become a Guardian without you."

Thraya's mother pulled her head back in a mock sense of disbelief. Her eyes went wide with an exaggerated sense of awe at the command her son was now displaying. She softened her features and leaned forward, grasping his small hand in hers.

"I can't promise such. Understand that I want to. It is my place to know the future fates, but beyond my departure to the Ullthosian Sanctum, I can't see further. I will do whatever it takes to be back before the two of you depart."

Serrano's resolve quickly faded but he tried to remain strong. He gave a sideways sort of nod.

"More than anything else, whether I can get back or not, please remember one important thing."

Thraya's mother's eyes began to well up once again. She grabbed Serrano's hand tightly in her left hand and then reached forward to grab Thraya's with the right.

"I love all of you. No matter what happens. No matter if I'm here or not. No matter what might befall us in the future. Always remember that I love you. It is for your future that I do what I must do now. I'm going to the Ullthosian Temple to find out what will befall our people, and it is my duty to ensure the safety of the Hoelath Empire. But all I care about are you. Serranos. Thraya. Jhulessi. Nesbinet. And my dear Jornath. I love you all."

Thraya's mother turned her gaze from each of her children and then up to her husband. Tears ran down her face and Thraya's father returned the sentiment. Thraya had never seen her father cry before and this made her want to as well.

Thraya had to turn her eyes away or else she would begin sobbing. She looked over to the twins to make sure they were okay. Both had stopped playing with their toys to stare silently up at their mother. It only took a moment for each of their midnight-blue eyes to well up with tears as well.

"I love all of you so very much. Not even death would tear me away from you. Always remember that I'm with you, no matter what. I am a part of you, as you are all a part of me. I will always be watching over you."

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