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The Shattered Oracle - I - In the Refuge of the Azhemyra - Page 2


In the Refuge of the Azhemyra

- Page Two -

"This is a matter of the future of our people. Do you remember that tale I told you of Boulka the Warrior-Queen?"

Serranos gave a nod and a long sniffle. He lifted one of his ill-fitting sleeves to rub at his nose.

"Well, Boulka couldn't have saved the old Morthavi Empire from the Demon-King Vholgisaal without the help of the prophecies. You do remember the old Morthavi prophecies from the Book of Talmuis, right?"

Serranos managed to clear his nose with another long sniffle. He raised his head up; his interest piqued and his emotions momentarily suspended. He was like his father and loved old lore and fables. He opened his mouth to reply, his tongue rolling around for a moment and then his jaw shut.

"Well, what I must do is write those prophecies. I fear that another great war will happen soon. It's my job to write down the information that a new Warrior-Queen, or Warrior-King, might use to save all of us."

The words were followed by an exaggerated nod and Serranos took a moment of quiet contemplation to think on his mother's words. His eyes darted through his glasses up to his father. He turned his head to look at his sister once again. He then returned his eyes to his mother.

"Someone else can do it. I want you home."

The tears began anew and Serranos pulled his hand from his mother's grip. His chin danced on his face and he muttered quiet cries under his breath.

Thraya, without thought, reached over with her left hand to grab the boy's chair and drag it close to her. She lifted her right to grab him at the base of the neck. With a light touch, she brought her brother's face into her arm and chest to comfort him. The boy began to wail softly into the fabric of her tunic.

Thraya's mother pulled back and pushed on the wooden back of her chair. She gave a nod to her daughter, knowing that she would take care of Serranos. They had always been close and Thraya had always watched over him like a mother authroc to her chick. Thraya's mother's eyes began to well with tears as well.

"As for you two..."

Thraya's mother quickly stifled her emotions and turned in her chair to look at the twins playing on the floor nearby. Both stopped their play to look straight up at their mother's face. Unlike the rest of the family who had auburn hair like their mother, the twins had stark white hair from birth.

"You two understand. Correct?"

The twins held eye contact with Thraya's mother for a moment. They turned to look at each other, seeming to speak a language without words; complex thoughts beamed into each other's tiny skulls. They momentarily came to a consensus and then returned their eyes to their mother. No words were spoken but the air seemed to dance with a strange energy.

"Good. I know you two will behave. All that I ask is that you start learning how to speak more. Once you go to school, you'll unnerve the other children."

One of the twins seemed to squint for a moment, picking up something from their mother. Both soon shrugged the sentiment off and returned to playing with their toys.

Thraya's mother turned to look up at her husband, now leaning on the wooden doorway with his arms crossed. His eyes turned to the twins and then back to his wife's eyes.

"You can handle them, right? Who'd of thought the youngest would be so adept at Haeth. They'll be oracles in no time."

"Just like their mother."

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