This page is for those valiant souls who continue to help out this fiction.
If you're interested in joining the Shadow Circle, please stop by the Patreon for this project.

All money gained through the Patreon goes back into this project,
being used on artwork, editing, and eventually book/kindle production.
Those who support the Patreon will be listed under the Shadow Circle heading and have their works (if applicable) showcased below.

Anyone who wants to just help out by reviewing the Vorrgistadt Saga, sharing it with others who might enjoy it, or commenting here or elsewhere will get mentioned under the Skaelosti heading below.

Thank you to everyone who has read, contributed, and supported this project. Without you, this thing wouldn't exist.

The Shadow Circle
TheLoneWanderer - Author of "The Open Road."
You can check out TLW's works on Karavanir.com and on Royal Road Legends.
- TLW was the very first person to support the Vorrgistadt Saga's patreon. TLW also trusted the author here with their fiction for the April Fool's Day swap on Web Fiction Guide. Thank you so much TLW!

The Skaelosti
Unice5656 - Author of "Fantasia"
You can check out Unice's works on Royal Road Legends. Fantasisa, Eterna's Source, and Lonely Light.
- Unice5656 wrote the fantastic April Fool's Day entry for The Shattered Oracle, featuring some of her characters from Fantasia. Unice5656 also was able to give the Vorrgistadt Saga a 'grammar seal of approval' on Royal Road Legends. Thank you Unice5656!

Shaeor - Author of "Dirge"
You can check out Shaeor's works on Dirge Serial and Royal Road Legends.
- Shaeor was the first person to write a review of The Vorrgistadt Saga on Web Fiction Guide. You can check out their awesome review here. Shaeor also contributed a lot of moral and philosophical support to the Vorrgistadt Saga by keeping the author sane. Thanks for being awesome Shaeor!

JMLikestoRock009 - Author of "No Respawn"
You can check out JM's work on Royal Road Legends.
- JMLikestoRock009 wrote one of the first reviews for the Vorrgistadt Saga on Royal Road Legends. He also helped contribute lots of awesome ideas and input in comments and polls on that site that allowed the Vorrgistadt Saga to grow and be revised. Thanks a million JMLikestoRock009!

BubbleDuck - Author of "Desolate Stars"
You can check out BubbleDuck's work on Royal Road Legends.
- Bubbleduck was the very first person to comment on the Vorrgistadt Saga posts on Royal Road Legends. They also helped contribute lots of ideas and support throughout the early entries. Thank you for the continued support BubbleDuck!

Vaibhav Thombre - Author of "The Empire of Carane"
You can check out Vaibhav's work on The Empire of Carane.
- Vaibhav was the very first person to like, follow, and read the very early chapters of the Vorrgistadt Saga. It was with his support through likes and reads that the very first pieces of the writing got set down on the ancient tVS wordpress site. Thank you for giving us hope Vaibhav!

DragonStudioz - Author of several works at SingularGalaxy.
You can check out DragonStudioz work on SingularGalaxy.
- DragonStudioz was the second person to follow the Vorrgistadt Saga on Wordpress. They left some very awesome comments on early pages there and with their encouragement helped the author here keep going through some hard times. Thank you for the support and kind words DragonStudioz!

Other Great Supporters who don't have their own fictions are below.

- First reviewer of the Vorrgistadt Saga on Royal Road Legends. Thank you!
- Second reviewer of the Vorrgistadt Saga on Royal Road Legends. Also gave some great advice on dialing down the fantasy words in the first part of the story. Helped immensely with revisions. Thank you!
- Fourth reviewer of the Vorrgistadt Saga on Royal Road Legends. Great ideas and support. Thank you for your comments as well!

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