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The Shattered Oracle - II - An Astral Sojourn - Page 6


An Astral Sojourn

- Page Six -

"I don't know. I don't think that was Merithault, children. There is no way. Your mother would never harm any of you."

The room went quiet for a moment after Thraya's father said those words. It seemed like everyone in the family had to take a moment to realize just what had happened. Surely their mother hadn't of died and become a ghulg. So, if she was alive, then what in the world-plane had just visited them?

"Remember what your mom said before she left for the Sanctum. She loves you. There is no way that thing was her."

Thraya turned away from her father and slowly got up to her feet. She took a few steps forward, her feet getting cut by the broken glass and shards of jagged wood. She didn't care about the pain. She didn't care about the blood. She continued forth until she could press her hand on the ruptured wall of her sibling's room.

She stared out into the darkness of the night. The haunting white light of Ishep lit up the rest of Neshran in shades of blues and purples. She lifted her eyes up, following the distant lights of the Thousand Stairs of Sorrow that made their way from the farthest edge of the city, up into the mountains that encircled its limits. She held her eyes on the twinkling, far-off torches of the Ullthosian Sanctum far into the peaks of the Auhl-athum Mountains. There, supposedly, is where her mother was undertaking her rituals and trials as an oracle.

"Thraya don't get too close to the edge. Oh, for Tolesh's sake, you've cut up your feet. Come back, Thraya." 

Her father beckoned her but his hands were filled with the others. Thraya stood at the edge defiantly and continued to gaze out into the night.

"Serranos. Jhulessi. Nesbinet."

Thraya's voice was like a whisper. As she spoke, each of the children went quiet and stared out at their sister.

"No matter what. If that was mom, or not. Remember this..."

The room went silent. Her father's jaw went slack at how easily the children seemed to take heed of their sister over him.

"If that was mother. I will kill her. If that wasn't her, I'll find out what this thing was and I will end it."

Thraya's father took a step back towards the doorway. Fear and a strange sort of pride began to well up inside of him. He didn't understand what kind of strange connection the children had beyond the peculiarities of their mother's blood, but they were united by Thraya's words.

In unison, the children gave a single silent nod. 

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