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The Shattered Oracle - II - An Astral Sojourn - Page 5


An Astral Sojourn

- Page Five -

"Fuck off! You undead bitch!"

Tendrils of energy snapped out from Thraya's body and went into a whirlwind of lashes about the room. The twin's beds lifted from the ground and began to assault the floor and walls with repeated thumps. Several of the twins toys that were on the floor flew into the air and began to throw themselves at the shade-form before her.

Serranos' candlelight outside the room began to burn with the intensity of a rogue firework. A plume of flame welled up and sent the young boy scurrying to the other side of the hall. 

The glass of the window shattered and the wooden frame gave in under the telekinetic force that Thraya assaulted it with. Shards began to whip around in a frenzied whirlwind, shredding at the shadow substance of the demon before her. The wail of the shade and the twins turned from one of rage to one of pain.

With an immense force that seemed to rip the paint from the walls and rupture the very wooden beams of the house, Thraya created a telekinetic shockwave before her that cast the shade out of the window. The force was enough to send everyone in the room deaf for a few moments. The air in the room seemed to be quelled along with the shade who was blasted out the window. The walls on either window seemed to rupture forth under the continued strain.

The shade was gone into the night outside. Eventually, the sound of the room returned and the wail ceased. Thraya could still feel the tendrils of energy whipping throughout the room, ready to go after the threat should it reappear. Every bit of her attention was focused on the energy rippling out of her. She felt like a god.


"Thraya!" The voice repeated a second time.

"For the love of the gods old and new. Thraya! It's gone! You can stop! While the house is still standing!"

The voice was the frantic cries of her father behind her. As soon as his words got through to her mind, she could feel the power in her ebb and wane. The tendrils faded away within a moment and she felt herself slump to her knees on the floor of the room.

Her father's frantic voice was accompanied by the soft and scared cries of the twins. She turned to look at them, with barely enough energy to turn her head.

Her father knelt down with the twins. Jhulessi was sobbing and grabbing at his chest. Nesbinet had his hands around his father's side and neck and was wailing with fear. Serranos stood behind his father staring at Thraya with wild and wide eyes. Her brother held her eyes for a long moment of silence. She couldn't understand if the look on his face was one of fear or amazement.

"Why is momma trying to kill us?"

The voice was from Nesbinet. His words were innocent and filled to the brim with fear.

"Why did momma get inside of us?"

Jhulessi's voice wondered as she clutched at her father's shirt and let the tears flow. 

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