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The Shattered Oracle - III - As Oracles are Wont to Do - Page 2


As Oracles are Wont to Do

- Page Two -

"I already apologized for that." Thraya turned from her brother to stomp a foot and stare at her father's back, as he idly rummaged through some papers on his desk. "It's bad enough I had to give up my room to the two gremlins until the work crew is finished. For the sake of Tolesh, I was just trying to save everyone."

"Hmmph. I know. But, I still lost a month's wages to fix that, dear. Surely there are better ways to slay monsters than almost killing our entire family by leveling our house over our heads." Thraya's father swiveled in his chair to face her directly. "Like I was saying, untapped potential for Haeth. You've got it. Gods know the twins have it. Serranos probably has it."

"We aren't 'untapped', father." Thraya gave a long sigh and relaxed her posture. "I've been studying at the Collegium since I was six. I should have graduated last year if it wasn't for Serranos being so damned slow..."

"Lay off your brother. He's young. He's already head of his class. Your mother told you about this before she left."

"Whatever-" Thraya scrunched up her freckled nose. "But, like I was saying. I'm trained in Haeth. Serranos is studying for the Guardians; he's already learned the beginnings of the elemental disciplines. The twins, although strange have already realized their abilities with Haeth."

The door to the workroom opened with a slight creak. Both twins stood in the doorway as if summoned due to some geas, by their mere mention. The two entered the room, shutting the door behind them. In unison, they marched over to Serranos and sat behind him. Each of them took a moment to glance at their older brother and then back to the other as if they were talking to each other without words about what they found inside their older brother's skull. They were letting him read the documents — doing all the work — then they were picking the thoughts right from his mind.

"Like I was saying-" Thraya walked over to the twins and began to scold them with her thoughts. They picked up these chidings and stared blankly back at her. "I don't think it was us that created the entity with our powers. It distinctly felt like the entity was trying to enhance, corrupt, or even drain our abilities when it was here."

"Maybe Old Ollianes did it."

Serranos blurted the words out while still being lost in the letter pages on his lap. He gave a moment, hearing everyone else's silence, to let the thought sink in. Behind him, the twins looked at him then to each other and then cocked their heads to stare at Thraya. They picked up the thoughts that were forming in their sister's mind, looked back to each other, and then shook their heads in unison.

"No, Serranos. I don't think Master Ollianes would do that. He would have the abilities to do it. But, why would mother's old mentor want to disturb us like that? He's old, he's creepy, and I certainly don't trust him, but what motivation might he have for such a thing?"

"Now you're going on a witch-hunt after some old man?"

Thraya's father's voice started before he had fully turned around in his chair. He gave a stern look back to Thraya and then held it upon Serranos until the boy looked up. Thraya's father had never liked Master Ollianes and often would complain loudly at Thraya's mother about how she spent more time with that 'old coot' than with her own family. The old oracle of the Sharr-vhult was a point of resentment in their relationship. 

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