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The Shattered Oracle - III - As Oracles are Wont to Do - Page 11


As Oracles are Wont to Do

- Page Eleven -

"Sounds like a lot of gobbly-gook." Wynnol crossed her arms over her chest, giving a long sigh and rolling her vibrant eyes in tiny circles. She gave a puff of air to blow a few errant hairs from her low bangs out of her view. "She floats to her old home. Evil witch feels her out. Boo! Scary! Now follows her here, just because she started to fall?"

"Essentially, and ineloquently, yes." Maenthrai let the words escape her without any effort. Her previous rage was still simmering inside of her, but she felt more self-conscious now that two other people were dissecting her actions right in front of her. They were discussing her folly like she was some specimen in a botanist's lab. "For all the work we've done in securing this place, my selfishness has now doomed us all." She lifted her hands to her face and bent forward. "...And so close to finishing what we came here to do."

"She's your mother, neigh?" Wynnol interjected, oblivious to Maenthrai's emotions. "Mothers can be killed. She comes here, we drop the Great Forger's Hammer on her head." The young woman smiled and clapped her hands together for effect. She held the smile for a moment while looking at Maenthrai, moving her eyebrows up and down hoping to get Maenthrai's attention and some sort of affirmation towards her statement. Maenthrai kept her face in her hands while ignoring her. Wynnol, now feeling spurned by Maenthrai's in-attention looked over the Hildger, seeing him standing there shaking his head at her while glaring softly with his brown eyes.

"Come on!" Wynnol blurted and crossed her arms over her chest. She pouted her lips out slightly. "I don't mean to be insensitive. I know I wouldn't want to have to kill my own mother-" She lifted her left hand up and let it fall out at the wrist as if she were balancing something only she could see and touch within it. "But — honestly, here — if it comes to us or her-" A large grin spread across her face, again. Her baby-like cheeks lifted up as her mouth stretched to its limits. Her white teeth revealed themselves, with feline-like incisors peeking over her bottom lip. The grin gave her face a wicked sort of look. "I choose us. The hag can die."

"I'm sure if it truly is as easy as you say, the Guardian Knights of Morrthault would have dispatched her the minute she started tearing up Neshran." Hildger shook his head and turned his face away from the younger woman. He lifted his right hand up to tug on the end of his beard, both as a form of contemplation and to pull some errant strands from beneath his metal neck-brace. "This isn't some mindless thaekkuz come back from the dead, Wynnol. I've heard of Merithault's-" Hildger stopped in mid-breath. Maenthrai quickly lifted her head up from her hands to stare hard at Hildger for speaking that name. "Erm — the Mad Hag's — power. She isn't to be trifled with." He gave a long sigh and turned his eyes from Maenthrai over to Wynnol who seemed to be rolling her own eyes at him as he spoke. "They say she was imbued with dark powers, maybe even possessed by the Dark Master Ullthos himself. She can kill with a thought; she doesn't tire; she doesn't die. There is no humanity left in that creature." 

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