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The Shattered Oracle - I - In the Refuge of the Azhemyra - Page 10


In the Refuge of the Azhemyra

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"All except for me." Jephrin began to pull his riding gloves over his hands. He turned his gaze from what he was doing to give Maenthrai a sideways glance. "I will be leaving here and heading straight to your family. You know I don't agree with this haste." Once both gloves were on he wiggled his fingers to make sure they were secure.

"That is why you're going to spend the next two hours undergoing a cleansing ritual." She gave a soft smile to Jephrin and then turned away from him to stare out the balcony doors. "Before you leave, you need to go see Mileana. She should be nearby where the Azhemyra are working in the Hestumarch. She will remove my stink from you and the letter your carry." She gave a soft chuckle to herself; that her aethyric energies may actually have a smell. "She'll escort you to a dummy location before you leave. She will also present you with some instructions on how best to return. You'll get a scenic route. You may even enjoy it."

Jephrin gave a dissatisfied grunt and then pulled the insides of his gloves tighter on his fingers, pressing into the spaces in between. He walked over to the chair he had previously occupied and gathered up the book he had set down upon it. He lifted it up, thumbing through the pages to where he was previously. He read one last line from the page, replaced a torn segment of parchment into the book to lock his place, and then threw the book onto Maenthrai's bed.

"It's a good story. A bit heavy in parts." He turned his back towards her as she turned to see him walk away. "Thank you, for letting me read it. Although, I'm not really into all that romance. The adventure elements are worth the slog." His leather boots padded softly across the stone floor. He wasn't a light man by any means, but his movements were graceful and muffled through refined skill. "Keep my page, until I return." He turned on his feet near the far door out of the room and gave her one last stern look.

His eyes met hers and she knew exactly how he felt without him needing to say it, nor with her having to pierce into his thoughts with her abilities. The eye contact was enough. The look was a warm, but reluctant goodbye. He had severe reservations about leaving her side. He grumbled them to her loudly, every chance he could, for the last three weeks. He left the room quickly, like a gust of wind, shutting the door quietly behind him.

Feeling the most alone she had in years, Merithault turned her eyes back to the darkened, ruined city beyond her balcony doors. She hoped that Jephrin would make it safely back to Morrthault City. She missed her husband and her children. The pain of their absence tore through her very being. She began to wonder for a moment if this is how her mother felt when she left her family all those years ago. When she abandoned them to become an inhuman monster.

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