Witchling First Drafts

The Vorrgistadt Saga
The Witchling of Alsira

 The Origins
  In Places Dark & Terrible (2015 E-zine Submission)

 The First Drafts
  A Different Kind of Story (Old Prologue)
  Ink to the Page (Revised Prologue, Part 1)
  Accusations (Revised Prologue, Part 2)
  Wake Up, Stendrals (Revised Prologue, Part 3)
  Old King Stohll (Chapter 1)
  Ylethus - The She-devil of Tarenhulf Rise (Skaldt Tales 1)
  Leiros - Look Closer (Skaldt Tales 2)
  Ylethus - The Siege of Gullcrest City (Skaldt Tales 3)
  Out of Her Gourd (Chapter 2)
  Phrim - When I'm Good & Ready (Skaldt Tales 4)
  Best Laid Plans (Chapter 3)
  The Journey North (Chapter 4)
  Hoelatha: Tribes of the North (Sourcebook Outline)

 The Second Drafts
  Cliffs of Alsira (Chapter 1)
  Lessons of Duty (Chapter 2)
  Lessons of Restraint (Chapter 3)
  Lessons of Strength (Chapter 4)
  Lessons of Courage (Chapter 5)
  Demands (Chapter 6)
  Radical Acceptance (Chapter 7)
  Thrown from the Nest, Part 1 (Chapter 8.1)
  Thrown from the Nest, Part 2 (Chapter 8.2)
  Thrown from the Nest, Part 3 (Chapter 8.3)

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