Oristae's Candlescrolls

Oristae's Candlescrolls
Fell Beasts & Wondrous Creatures

Collection I: 
Those Who Toil - Beasts of Burden

Scroll I: Gherajj Yaks
Scroll II: Herdsmoll
Scroll III: Herdulth
Scroll IV: Horses of Atha
Scroll V: Horses of Gher
Scroll VI: Horses of Issa
Scroll VII: Horses of Jol
Scroll VIII: Horses of Morr
Scroll IX: Horses of Hoelath
Scroll X: Horses of Keziak
Scroll XI: Klathura
Scroll XII: Mhunar

Collection II: 
Within the Walls - Beasts of the City

Scroll I: Morthkyrn Thaekkuz

Scroll II: Raellis Ghulg
Scroll III:  Shaydis Vhulvyr

Collection III: 
Beneath Canopy's Shade - Beasts of the Forest

Scroll I: Anashi Princes
Scroll II: Anashi Queens
Scroll III: Anashi Weavers
Scroll IV: Baeliomn
Scroll V: Thotennti

Collection IV: 
In Valley's Shelter - Beasts of the Glades

Scroll I: Dancers on the Wind
Scroll II: Night-shimmerings
Scroll III: Vaulkyrn Kohlls

Collection V: 
Among the Sands - Beasts of the Deserts

Scroll I: Astyrinath Fellmoor
Scroll II: Athullan Haekyranti
Scroll III: Barrowdrake
Scroll IV: Dashulm illt'Thestunn
Scroll V: Ghellam Jacks
Scroll VI: Haakul
Scroll VII: Haekyr
Scroll VIII: Haekyranti
Scroll IX: Jhullish Wyrms
Scroll X: Malath-shexul Queens
Scroll XI: Murmer Princes
Scroll XII: Nethom illt'Vorthanti
Scroll XIII: Pander Kings
Scroll XIV: Sheotavish Hell-gliders
Scroll XV: Thistlemarch Dervish

Collection VI: 
Crawling on Jagged Spires - Beasts of the Mountains

Scroll I: Ghellornth
Scroll II: Shulyrrath Wyrms

Collection VII: 
In Kingdoms of Wind - Beasts of the Skies

Scroll I: Athulminos Wyrms
Scroll II: Authroc
Scroll III: Authrumokra Phoenixes
Scroll IV: Skyrippers

Collection VIII: 
Where Streams Run - Beasts of the Rivers

Scroll I: Brethommi Lurkers
Scroll II: Itykaecyk Drakes
Scroll III: Tolubrinni Kohlls

Collection IX: 
Hidden Beneath the Waves - Beasts of the Seas

Scroll I: Laevos
Scroll II: Sangrvrillant Thaekkuz
Scroll III: Whinnismarcks

Collection X: 
Among Ice & Snow - Beasts of the Frozen Lands

Scroll I: Dhalluk Hauthov
Scroll II: Issanth-kyr Thaekkuz

Collection XI: 
Dancing in Flames - Beasts of the Burning Lands

Scroll I: Firran Minosata

Collection XII: 
Whispers & Shades - Beasts of the Shadows

Scroll I:
Scroll II: Dhaulg
Scroll III: Dhaulgyra
Scroll IV: Sentinels of Vhorrg
Scroll V: Vorghast Bats

Collection XIII: 
Within Half-light - Beasts of the Gloam

Scroll I: Gloamlings
Scroll II: Shimmerings
Scroll III: Star-craven Children

Collection XIV: 
Within Waning Light - Beasts of the Gloom

Scroll I: Shadowstrills
Scroll II: Stormchildren
Scroll III: Vhorgallen Thispallt

Collection XV: 
Weavers of Essence - The Elemental Courts

Scroll I:
Scroll II: Araemavil
Scroll III: Children of Fyr
Scroll IV: Dhannia
Scroll V: Firantha
Scroll VI: Kevoratch
Scroll VII: Labyrsos
Scroll VIII: Quallonth
Scroll IX: Quasi-elementals
Scroll X: Sanguvrol
Scroll XI: Sentinels of Fyrroth
Scroll XII: Seranta
Scroll XIII: Shaedomril
Scroll XIV: Shidmorantha
Scroll XV: Therrani
Scroll XVI: Vrillanti

Collection XVI: 
The Shattered Mirror - The Immortals

Scroll I:
 The Betrayer, Zerranistra
Scroll II: The Deciever, Zalliem
Scroll III: The Dhul'jhanni Brotherhood
Scroll IV: The Dread Lord of Iron
Scroll V: The Elemental Lord, Tseghai
Scroll VI: The Fell Sorcerer, Xanolith
Scroll VII: The Ghoul-lord, Totechai
Scroll VIII: The God-empress, Shenikyrr
Scroll IX: The Last Azhemyra
Scroll X: The Mad Conqueror, Bulithol Gaereth
Scroll XI: The Nine Lords of Uhr-Shelev
Scroll XII: The Shattered Oracle, Merrithault
Scroll XIII: The Wyrdling Queen, Mhorrgain

Collection XVII: 
From the Deepest Abyss - Those from Beyond

Scroll I:
Scroll II: Alsiranth-Ulltha
Scroll III: Gauntlings

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